Yousef Madanat Architecture Studio.

Who we are

Established in 2009, Yousef Madanat Architecture Studio -AKA Studio YM- is an award winning architectural and interior design firm based in Amman, Jordan; dedicated to creating aesthetically distinctive, functional, efficient and responsible built environments.

We take pride in being a small studio comprised of a highly creative and engaged team of architects with a vast experience in design and a strong technical knowledge.
In addition to our in-house team of proficient individuals, we make sure to collaborate with only the best local and international engineering firms to cover all areas of expertise that are required for any project.

We like to take risks, slightly pushing the norms in every project we deliver.

What we do

YM Architecture Studio provides consultation in architecture and interior design, delivering turnkey design documents that cover all engineering disciplines.

Through extensive research, site and environmental analysis as well as deep understanding of the client's requirements and needs, coupled with a commitment to the Studio’s philosophy, we promise to deliver a product that is truthful to itself and its surroundings.

We only undertake a handful of selected ventures each year to ensure the delivery of a superior product that will surely stand out. We guarantee that each and every project is unique in its own right.
“Even though I build buildings and pursue my architecture, I pursue it as an artist. 
I deliberately keep a tiny studio, i don’t want to be an architectural firm, I want to remain an artist." Maya Lin.